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Peace Out Podcast

Feb 17, 2020

Have you ever seen a geode? Those rocks that have beautiful crystals inside? Today we’re going digging for geodes and talking about how you never know the beauty inside rocks…and people!

If you’d like to tell us about a time when someone did something kind for you, please send a voice recording to with “Kindness Story (child’s name)” as the subject. We will listen and respond to each one and choose a few to include on future Peace Out episodes! 

Today’s Themes Scientific (curriculum connections): geodes, crystals, natural resources (ethical mining practices, mindful consumerism and environmental impact of our choices)Social-emotional connections: Finding beauty in unexpected places, looking deeper for the potential and beauty in ourselves and others (“don’t judge a book by its cover”)

ResourcesAll About Geodes and How They Are Formed A Very informative video, appropriate for childrenAre Crystals the New Blood Diamond? By Eva Wiseman, The Guardian. For older children, parents, educatorsDo You Know Where Your Crystals Come From? By Emily Atkin, The New Republic. For older children, parents, Give away or get things for free, keep stuff out of landfills! This is one for grown up use—please be safe when giving out your personal information or meeting someone to pick up/drop off.

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