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Peace Out Podcast

Aug 22, 2023

This is it! The final episode of Season 6: Kaala & Chuff's Excellent Adventure. The two friends solved the biggest mystery in red panda history and learned a lot along the way. Today, we’re going to wrap it up with a bow by talking about what we can do to help our red panda and snow leopard friends in real life, along with the other living things on earth. 

(You can always go back to season 2-- the first episode is called “Calmness”-- to listen to the first part of their adventure!)

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Owl Eyes: A Core Awareness Skill (Wilderness Awareness School)

How to Become a Youth Activist (Plan International)

Talking About Activism your Child (Boston University)

Get Involved: You Can Help (Red Panda Network)

Red Panda Stewardship in Nepal (Earth Rangers)

Red Panda Facts (Red Panda Network)

Red Panda Threats (Red Panda Network)


Peace Out Podcast

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