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Peace Out Podcast

Jun 25, 2018

Peace Out is going on summer break! I’m taking the summer off to spend time with my daughters and also start a new job…at a university research lab that studies the social and emotional development of children! Pretty perfect, right? 

On behalf of the Bedtime FM team—that’s Rob, Jess, Amy, Kellie, and me— I want to thank you for listening, leaving us reviews on iTunes, and sending us messages and photos of you listening to Peace Out. If you haven’t had a chance, please leave us a review on iTunes. This helps other teachers, parents, and kids find us! 

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Did you know? 

“Kaala” is what the Limbus people in Nepal know red pandas as. It means dark and refers to the lower part of the red panda’s body! 

“Chuff” is the puffing sound that snow leopards make. They cannot roar!

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