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Peace Out Podcast

Jul 20, 2020

Nothing is as relaxing as a dinosaur’s roar, right? Right? Hmm, well we’re going to try to relax, stretch, and breathe today as we talk about (and pretend to be) the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex! We’ll shake our tails, do the T.rex Twist, and even float in today’s guided relaxation for kids and anyone who is looking to relax mindfully, playfully! ☺

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Today’s Themes

Scientific (curriculum connections): Tyrannosaurus rex life cycle, extinction 

Social-emotional connections: Perceptions, open mindedness, anti-racism 


Tyrannosaurus Rex (American Museum of Natural History)

Tyrannosaurs Rex (National Geographic Kids)

Tyrannosaurus Rex: Facts about T.Rex, King of the Dinosaurs (Live Science)

What Did a Baby T.rex Look Like? (American Museum of Natural History on YouTube, about 6min.)

Baby T. Rex Was an Adorable Ball of Fluff (

A relative of T. rex has been discovered in Alberta—and its name is terrifying (CBC Kids News)

Everything We Though We Knew About T.Rex Is Wrong (The Nature of Things with David Suzuki episode, CBC, about 45 mins.) If you’re outside of Canada you can watch the full documentary at the section on how T.Rex may have sounded starts at 34mins in.

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