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Peace Out Podcast

Dec 4, 2017

Thanks for joining us. Last time, Kaala the red panda, who is out in the mountains, looking for an ancient treasure, met a new friend—a vegetarian snow leopard named Chuff! Today we’ll hear more about Chuff and also talk about H.A.L.T. I wonder what that stands for?


When is a good time for you to “press pause” for just a minute to do the Calm Down Countdown or just be quiet and still? Give it a try today and then repeat it tomorrow and the next day.Do you remember what H.A.L.T. stands for? (hungry, angry, lonely, tired)When was the last time you felt really hungry, like you were starving? Were you able to get something to eat soon after? Can you imagine if you weren’t able to eat until nighttime? Or the next day? How would that feel like?Think about three ideas to help your local food bank. Can you choose one to work on this week? Can you think of at least one grown up who will help you with this?


Snow Leopard Facts

The Anger Iceberg


20 Service projects for kids to fight hunger

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