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Peace Out Podcast

Jun 19, 2023

What’s friendship without a little FUN? Chuff helps her friends out today by getting them to relax and have fun together. In this episode, we play a game I call “Sound Story.” You’ll hear these sound effects: rain, birds, bubbles, ice cream truck, friendly robot, children laughing, twinkling, and a “boing” sound. 


How to play “Sound Story”:

You can find some free audio sound effect files here and here. It would be fun to make your own sound effects (tapping your knees, rubbing hands together, crinkling paper, etc.). 

  1. Make or play a few sound effects. Fewer sounds for younger children, add more sounds for older children.
  2. The listener can close their eyes and listen to the sounds. Repeat them in the same order if they want to hear them again.
  3. Ask the listener to tell you a story based on the sounds they just heard.
  4. Switch and let them choose some sounds for you to use to create your own Sound Story! 😊

 Please note: If you are doing this with your class, be mindful that children who have experienced trauma may be hypersensitive to sounds. For this episode I tried to choose “friendly” and neutral sounds and have listed them above to give listeners a heads up of what to expect. This may be something to consider for this game.


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