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Peace Out Podcast

Jan 17, 2022


Today’s episode is about the very interesting Batfish! They can “walk” and go “fishing” and some look like they’re wearing lipstick! This episode also contains the tenth and final code word that you’ll need to put together our ocean sentence about why we need to protect our oceans....

Jan 17, 2022

Ready to swim with a Whale Shark? These are the largest fish but are known to be gentle and calm creatures so let’s dive right into another relaxation story together.

We start by introducing our podcast friend Warrior Kids! Warrior Kids Podcast is a celebration about everything Indigenous! Join Pam Palmater for great...

Jan 7, 2022

Common Murres are born on oceanside cliffs and can dive so well underwater with their strong wings that they look like they’re flying underwater! Learn more about these amazing seabirds as we power up our imaginations and do some fun mindfulness activities together.

Want to win an ocean friend stuffed toy*? We’re...