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Peace Out Podcast

Apr 18, 2022

During our recent Ocean Adventure season, we talked about some very awesome and unique creatures and plants that live in the ocean. One thing that any animal lover (or anyone living on earth) needs to learn more about is how to stop plastic pollution. Plastic pollution not only hurts ocean life, but it hurts the whole earth. So I am sharing my podfriend Cool Facts About Animals, a podcast by kids for kids! This is their episode called “How Kids Can Stop Plastic Pollution.” I love how the kids talk to experts about everyday ways we can help!

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From their original episode description:

In this episode, we learn about how much plastic is in the ocean, why that’s a problem for animals, how it all got there, and, most importantly, how you can help.


We talked to so many experts to make this episode. Thank you to:

Senator Jeff Merkley

Dr. Jenna Jambeck, University of Georgia

Christopher Joyce, NPR

Rachel Giles, Chelsea Rochman’s lab

Shaye DiPasquale, Terracycle

David Clark, Amcor


We have a lot of show notes on this one:


Want to do a waste audit? Here’s the link to the waste audit Rachel mentioned:


Here’s a link to Terracycle’s website, where you can figure out what to collect and recycle:


Learn more about Senator Merkley’s Break Free from Plastic Act:


Don’t know whether it’s recyclable? Check out:


And be sure to download the Marine Debris Tracker app:


Please let us know what steps you’re taking to battle plastic pollution and we can share our progress together! Send us an email at or tweet us at @coolanimalspod


Spread the word about this episode! The more kids helping, the more of a difference we can make.